The uniqueness of this educational documentary is in the examination
of families in the aftermath of a young person making the wrong
choice.  This film shows the emotions and life changes after four
separate crashes; interviews victims’ families, survivors and an
offender.  It shows what occurs after alcohol related crashes.    The
difficulty their families have living with day-to-day remembrances of life
before the crash, the choice their loved one made and life after the
Underage Drinking and Reckless Driving
Educational Documentary Program

Grade Level   6th-Adult         23:17 min
Bonus: "Parents Perspective"  5:39 min

DVD     Resource Program Book
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M  E  G  A  S  T  A  R
P   R   O   D   U   C   T   I   O   N   S  ,     I   N   C        

508-472-6265              non-profit 501 (c)

Grade Level   College-Adult   27:30 min

DVD Resource Program Book
Subtitled En Espanol and Portuguese
Donation:         $29.95
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Breast Health Awareness
Educational Documentary Program

This film features breast health professionals, surgeons specializing in breast
surgery, and medical professionals affiliated with Brown University Medical
School.  Breast Cancer Survivors and family members speaking plainly but
passionately about the need for early detection, proactive behavior, screenings
and diagnosis, and the impact of choices that are made.

The primary goal for this project is to inform and educate women in order to save
lives. Since one in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their
lifetime and every woman is at risk, encouraging women to seek screening,
know their family history, and perform self examinations that may lead to early
detection is
nothing short of life-saving.

Grade Level   6th-Adult         23:17 min

DVD     Resource Program Book
Donation:        $99.95                
Shipping 7-10 days
Drinking, Driving, Lethal Choices
Educational Documentary Program

This educational documentary focuses on the victims and offenders
that have survived catastrophic car crashes.  It explores the aftermath
of the choice to drink and drive, and the impact on the lives of the family
members, victims and offenders, and those that have survived with
debilitating Brain and Spinal Cord injuries
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