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"The IMPACT of Your Choice"
Underage Drinking and Reckless Driving Program
An Educational documentary about drinking and reckless driving of Young Adults.  It shows the
Impact on the emotions and life changes of the victims' family, the survivors and the offenders.

The uniqueness of this documentary is the examination of the aftermath of real-life situations after
making the wrong choice. It will show what occurs after a fatality, revealing the daily emotional
trauma felt by the parents, sisters and brothers that are left behind. The broken pieces of their
families and friends left in a scattered state of wondering "why"? The difficulty their families will have
living with day-to-day remembrance of them and having to find a way to live on without them.

The documentary will be looking at the goals of these young adults before the crash, the
consequences of the choices they made, and a message they wish to send on the impact of their
choice to drink and drive.

Megastar Productions, Inc received an Emmy for "The Impact of Your
Choice-Underage Drinking and Driving at The 32nd National Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences Boston/New England Emmy Ceremony for the Best
Societal Concerns Program.  


29th Annual Telly Awards    2008   
"The Impact of Your Choice -Underage Drinking & Reckless Driving" was honored with FOUR Bronze
Telly Awards for outstanding achievement in Film and Video in the categories: Education, Social
Issues, Documentary and Education (for academic use).
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Impact of Your Choice-Underage Drinking & Driving
Youth Series-

This educational documentary
focuses on the victims and offenders
that have survived catastrophic car
crashes.  It explores the aftermath of
impact on the lives of the family
members, victims and offenders, and
those that have survived with
debilitating Brain and Spinal Cord

The film, "The Impact of Your Choice, Underage Drinking and Reckless Driving, shows it like it is...a
powerful account of actual cases of poor decision-making told by the involved teenagers
themselves--unfortunately after their mistakes have been made. The fact that their stories are not
dramatizations portrayed by professional actors but rather one-on-one chronicles with both family
members and the teens themselves only adds to the credibility and potency of this extra ordinary film.

The feedback from students in my Driver Education classes has been significantly positive and has
generated several thoughtful questions and responses.  They truly listened to the messages.  The film will
continue to be an important piece of my driver education program.  I predict the film will have a long
shelf-life in the world of driver education.
Robert J. Salisbury
Driver  Education Instructor, CCRI
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