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Powerful Presentations to Inspire and Inform
Perfect program for your next alcohol awareness, health, wellness, orientation or education program.  
90 minute presentation including a short educational documentary film sure to inspire a new
awareness and perspective.

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"C  H  O  I  C  E  S"

Alcohol Awareness Program

A Life Changing Experience with

  • Personal, Compelling Presentation
  • Highly Acclaimed Emmy Award Documentary Film
  • Presentation of the Physiological and Behavioral Effects of Alcohol
  • Prevention and Safety Tips for Young Adults and Parents
  • Discussion
Deborah Hoch, Producer and
Inspirational Speaker on
The Impact of Your Choice
Linda Chaves, RN
National EN-C.A.R.E.


Linda is a role model for substance abuse prevention, as well as, an inspiration to others in the community, and the actions of your family members are a
beacon of hope for families who strive to raise children who lead healthy and substance free lives.  
……………….Suzanne O. Carcieri, First Lady, State of Rhode Island

"To watch the film The Impact of Your Choice is to see lives arrested in pain."
"The impact is endless. "
Amanda Milkovits

Your presentation was the 3rd or 4th I have attended over the years and each time I attend, I always take something with me when I leave.  You are a
very strong willed woman to get up in front of all those people you do not know and tell your story,  and I would like to say I admire you for that.  Not
many eople have the courage or drive to get up there and do what you do.  You do it to inform us on the importance of alcohol and the dangers that
follow.  You will continue to educate people of all ages and I thank you for that.  One person can make a difference and that person is YOU.   Alison
Peter, Salve University Graduate of 2009

Without a doubt, your presentation was the most powerful, informative and commanding we have experienced.  Our students were so touched by your story they were
unable to ask questions.  This is the first time I have witnessed such behavior since joining this faculty.     …Richard Lemieux, Health/Physicial Ed Teacher, Ocean Tides

Thank you so much for coming to the University to share your story and your message.  It was a very strong presentation and many of my students have commented to me
how much it touched them.    ….Kellee A Grucci, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Administration and Greek Life, Bryant University

Hearing you speak tonight truly touched my heart.  I wanted to let you know how powerful your presentation was.  I not only
know more about the affects of alcohol but I also am going to rethink some of the decisions I make in my own life and the life
of my loved ones.  ……………Allyson Carr, Salve Regina University Sophomore
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